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Uni4pro is London based company with in house design team, pattern room, sample room/production, sousing team and up-to-date technology to make sure our customers have the best service  and quality

Our Services

Uni4pro, provide wide range of services to suit all requirements. 1-In house design team to create it your vision 2-Pattern cutting to create it your perfect fit 3-Sampling and finishing 4-Production, Uni4pro provide outstanding designs and finishing

  1. Bespoke Design

    We listen closely to your requirements, focus on the priorities and ensure every detail is covered, with careful information gathering and meticulous research. The resulting brief is agreed with the client before we move on to the next stage

  2. Development

    Mood boards and design concepts are developed. From these, final designs are signed off only when you are happy we’ve got the right solution for your business.

  3. Sampling

    Our pattern cutters and designers work together with the sourcing team to create initial samples for presentation to the client.

  4. Fitting

    Our garment technologist makes sure the best fit is achieved. We offer three fitting services: Standardized, made-to-measure and bespoke. We also conduct ‘wearer trials’, with members of staff having the opportunity to wear the samples while working, feeding back to us their comments and any suggestions for final refinement.

  5. Production

    All our production is made in the UK / Europe. Once production is completed all garments are quality checked to ensure the garments meet our demanding specifications.

  6. Delivery

    A final meeting is held to present the completed delivery, where your staff will be able to try on their new uniform.

Our Vision

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